How we do it

By the use of a vibrator we make the olives fall from the tree into the machine's container. Once the container is full this is poured into the trailer, the leaves and branches are removed, and once the olives are clean the are immediately driven to the mill for pressing.
We drive to the mill twice a day, so that the olives are as fresh as possible in order to achieve the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.


On arrival at the mill, which is located 2 km from the farm, the olives are unloaded and transferred into stainless steel hoppers and from there they are conducted to the cleaning and press area.


Oil is extracted by mechanical means at low temperature. Once the oil is ready, it is poured into individual tanks with a capacity of 1000 liter, to be able to select the best oils and make the coupage.

Our way of elaborating the oil is as follows:


1. We store each day's oil separately in different tanks.

2. Although our oil has a single variety, made of Arbequina olives, the flavour achieved from the olives harvested in November and the flavour given by the olives collected in December allow us to mix them until we obtain a perfect oil.

3. The oil harvested in November is very green and spicy.

4. In December, the oil is more mature and sweet.

If a tank does not meet the highest quality it is rejected and excluded from our brand.


Once determined the coupages, the oil returns to the farm, where it is transferred to stainless steel tanks, only remaining the tasting at the Official Tasting Panel, where the resulting oil is punctuated and evaluated. Thereafter, we only need to pack the oil and serve it to our customers.