Who we are

La Cabana d'Alcover is a small family-run business dedicated to olive growing, which strives every day to make the best possible organic extra virgin olive oil.


We are located in Camp de Tarragona, a plain terrain surrounded by mountains and in front of the sea, this being a privileged position and climate to grow olive trees that make the best sweet olive oil in Spain.


Our aim is to get the best possible olive oil, our secret is to squeeze the olives with the shortest time possible. Once the olives are picked from the tree (and only from the tree) they quickly begin to get spoiled, so the sooner they are pressed the better the oil will be.


We love our job, love our earth, and our will to do better generates a desire to learn, to learn again to do things differently, in a better way. This is why we made the transition to organic farming.



We continue to make sweet and fruity oil, while respecting the environment and the earth. As we understand the farm as a WHOLE, we have incorporated a flock of sheep to help control weeds, we have also sown the streets with protein crops that gather nitrogen from the air, incorporate it to the land and feed the tree, while feeding the flock of sheep.